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8665 SW Canyon RD Beaverton, OR 97225 503-292-4500

The Staff at Tron City offer the highest quality tattoo services in a clean and classy environment.

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Photorgaph of the crew at Tron City Tattoo and Piercing.

Stay Classy Beaverton

At Tron City Tattoo you won't find dirt bags, rock stars, or bad attitudes. What you will find, is a friendly staff in a clean and welcoming environment. We are a well-stocked shop, specializing in custom tattooing. Tron City is the classiest tattoo shop in Beaverton, ideally located just minutes from Portland.

Tron City is a professional tattoo shop licensed by the state of Oregon under the strictest guidelines. Tattoo artists are individually licensed by the state each year as well as trained in bloodborne pathogens and first aid. Tron City adheres to the most stringent standards for cleanliness and hygiene policies. These include single use products and hospital grade sterilization techniques. The staff at Tron City are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns from our clientele.

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